Welcome to Nodal Communications

We are a group of scientists, designers and communication specialists focusing on helping researchers, academics, and healthcare professionals get their ideas across by building beautiful websites and efficient communication platforms



We Speak Your Language.

We don't pretend to be rocket scientists, but we have been around the block. Our team includes researchers who can understand the complexities of your work and help you communicate it in a straightforward and efficient way. Our experience in the academic sector provides us with a good understanding of your goals, challenges, and constraints!

If It's Not Obvious, It is Too Complicated.

Nodal prides itself on building websites and communication tools that are simplistic, and instinctual to use. To achieve this, we sit down with you and spend a lot of time understanding your specific needs before we even take on the project. We do this to ensure we have a solid understanding of what you want to accomplish and ensure that we can deliver! 

Bottom Line? We like it simple! 

Educating and Making You Self-Sufficient.

Once we have completed your project, the final step is training. This training step separates us from other designs studios! To take full advantage of the web, we believe our clients must be able to manage their website/ platform without our help!

Does this mean we do not provide technical support? Of course not! We love our clients, and we assist them in anyway possible. However, we do our best to educate you on how to update your site, add content and communicate with your audience!